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Professional and friendly sales team selling a great product. The service department is always fast and efficient. Sam in sales and Danny in service are perfect examples of why Murray Hyundai should be at the top of your list for anything car related, but especially Hyundai. Lots of vehicles for a very cramped location.

C. Scott Elsie

3 weeks ago

If you are looking into purchasing a new Hyundai I highly recommend going to the Murray/White Rock Dealership. The staff are welcoming & helpful. My salesman was Peter; he provided me with great service & I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new car. Ask questions & they will be answered. Thanks Peter & the rest of the team at Murray Hyundai !

angelo massot

a month ago

Great experience whether its the Sales or Service team. On multiple occasions i find that you get the right advice, support and service, with the marketed quality and experience met by the team. The team is professional and super nice and as a customer makes you feel good about taking your business there, which cannot be said for other dealerships experience. I can also tell that the team enjoys working there which says a lot about management, this is huge because evidently you get a much better sales and service quality when the environment is set up for it. Really glad this is where i need to go. Special thanks to Jesse (and the service techs) for setting up the right service, I’ve had some issues and after part 1 maintenance the car is already running much better.

Mohamed Abdalla

2 months ago

Excellent experience. Jason was helpful, honest, and not pushy in the slightest. Really appreciated how he didn’t “dumb down” things for me as a solo woman buying a vehicle. All the staff were welcoming and friendly. Michelle in the financing department is incredible and an absolute gem of a human being. Would definitely recommend these great folks! 👍

Emily Gage

4 months ago

So it was time for me to get a new vehicle which is great except for the process which I absolutely hate! Long story short, after doing my research I had narrowed it down to 2 vehicles. Went to a local dealer to test drive it and wasn’t impressed with it which left me with my other choice, the Hyundai Tucson as I live in Vancouver, I have 2 dealers somewhat close so I went to the dealer on boundary with the intention of test driving the vehicle. Wandered around the lot looking at vehicles and nobody came to ask if they could help so I ended up leaving due to lack of service. So I thought I’d try the next closest dealer (also a Open Road dealership) but this time I’d call to set a appointment I called 3 times and twice it rang and rang before going to voicemail and the one time someone answered, they asked me to hold and after being on hold for almost 5 minutes I hung up. I decide to try one more Hyundai dealer and if unsuccessful I’d try another brand. Murray Hyundai White Rock came through for me thanks to the general sales manager Melissa Milnes Talking to Melissa on the phone to arrange everything before I arrived there was easy, non stressful and pleasant. Melissa said she would call in the morning once everything was approved and true to her word she did. She asked when I would like to come in and when I arrived, Mellisa was actually in the process of parking my sparkling new Tucson out front. Melissa was extremely professional yet friendly and approachable which is a complete 180 from the usual pushy sales pitch I’m sure everyone expects. After showing me my vehicle, Melissa introduced me to Melissa in the finance office who I’ll refer to as Mel to avoid confusion. Lol. Mel was just as friendly (yet professional) and we had a good chat before she explained everything about my finance agreement and terms. Mel also pointed out a error on my credit report with one of the credit bureaus (thank you!) that I need to get fixed. When I finished with Mel, she led me to the insurance desk and once done there, Mel handed me a folder with all my paperwork and walked me over to Melissa who then went through all the features on the vehicle with me. Finally I just have to say a HUGE thank you to Melissa and Melissa (haha) for making the whole experience a enjoyable, relaxed and easy experience which is what buying a new vehicle should be. Go see the two Melissa’s, you will be glad you did!!!

Mark Scholtz

8 months ago

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