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Is it necessary to use high-mileage oil?


One of the main benefits of high mileage engine oil is that it reduces the wear and tear of your engine. In addition if you engine has sludge, it can be removed easily. If you want to prevent engine sludge, you should make use of high mileage oil.


Is it important to change oil in my Hyundai?


Hyundai engines are advanced in terms of technology. Nonetheless, even with these huge changes in the technology, changing engine oil is essential as it will keep the engine parts lubricated.


Should I use synthetic oil for my Hyundai?


In order to determine the best type of engine oil to use on your engine it is best to talk to a professional. You can also check the owner’s manual as it should give you details of the type of oil as well as the recommended oil change intervals.


What would happen if you mixed synthetic oil and ordinary engine oil?


It is important to start by understanding that the main components of engine oils are base oils and some additives. As such, both the conventional and synthetic oils are made of similar parts. The main difference is that synthetic oils come with higher properties, which makes them superior. By choosing to mix synthetic oils with the regular motor oil, you will be diluting the superiority of the full synthetic oil. This also affects the purity of your oil and will end up being a costly process. The traditional base oils come with some impurities which may affect the performance of the additives. It is important to note that when synthetic oils are being manufactured, almost every impurity is removed and the additives used are of superior quality as well. There are those who argue that mixing the oils is a great way to save money. However, in the long run it ends up being a total disaster.


Is there a difference between synthetic blend oil and full synthetic oil?


There is a huge difference between the two. Full synthetic oil is made in such a way that most of the impurities are removed. Synthetic blend has a mixture of synthetic and conventional motor oils. The synthetic blends are known to offer resistance to cases of oxidation and have so many similarities with the full synthetic oil.


What does the process of oil change entail?


There are several things that are carried out during the oil change. It is advisable to take the vehicle to a reputable dealership for maintenance and oil replacement. Such experts will know the specific type of oil and the grade that will be needed for your engine.


What Does Synthetic-Blend Oil mean?


You may have come across the term synthetic-blend oil and are wondering what it means. Well, this is a type of all that comes with all the traits of the normal engine oil combined with synthetic oil. As such, this is why you may find it being referred to as semi-synthetic or part-synthetic oil. Overall, the synthetic-blend oil comes with tons of benefits similar to those of using full synthetic oil. The good news is that this is cheaper than synthetic oil.


How do I perform oil change?


Do you recall in the past where you would have to change oil after 3K miles? Times have significantly changed and car engines are now advanced. However, changing oil remains to be a critical aspect of car maintenance. In order to prolong the life of your engine in your Hyundai, you should have a consistent oil change schedule. You can choose to change the oil yourself or hire a professional mechanic for the task. The most important bit is to stick to the schedule and have a record of the same. With clean and fresh oil, your car will run smoothly and you can increase its resale value.


What is the danger of a delayed oil change?


Delaying oil change is dangerous as the engine is not lubricated and this causes friction and warping of the engine parts. Ultimately this may cause your car engine to knock and this will demand a full replacement of your engine.


What is the essence of frequent oil replacement?


Changing engine oil regularly has so many benefits, with the main one being the extension of the life of your engine. Oil is a crucial fluid to the engine of the car as it lubricates the parts and keeps the engine running efficiently. Since oil will break down a get contaminated, it is imperative to have it changed so as to restore the lubrication.


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Hyundai Oil Change Schedule

15,000 a la Carte Service


◦ Replace Wiper Blades
◦ Check Throttle Body
◦ Check Suspension
◦ Install Fuel and Oil Additives
◦ Perform Multi-point Inspection


3,000 or 3 months


◦ Multi Point Vehicle Check
◦ Check and Top Necessary Fluids
◦ Replace Engine Oil and Filter (Up to 5 quarts)
◦ Set Tire PSI


30,000 mile service or 24 months


◦ Multi-Point Vehicle Check
◦ Brake Inspection
◦ Inspect and Service Steering and Suspension Components
◦ Replace In-Cabin Micro-Filter (if equipped)
◦ Inspect All Exterior Light Operations


45,000 mile service


◦ Brake Inspection
◦ Check and Adjust Ignition Timing and Engine Idle to Proper Specification
◦ Clean Propeller Shaft and Torque Belt (4WD)
◦ Install Valvoline Fuel and Oil Treatments
◦ Inspect Throttle Chamber


7,500 or 6 months


◦ Parking Brake Inspection and Adjustment
◦ Multi-Point Vehicle Check
◦ Brake Inspection
◦ Inspect Throttle Chamber
◦ Check and Top Necessary Fluids


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