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What tires does Hyundai use?

Keeping your vehicle’s tires is very important. If the tires are bad, then you can have a flat tire or even have an accident if the tire has a blowout.

Hyundai Tire Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near Vancouver

What are the tire brands used by Hyundai?


Hyundai Car Tires Michelin offers a wide range of Hyundai tires for different models. All you need is your Hyundai model information and Michelin will help you pick the best tires that suit your vehicle and performance needs.


Is it costly to have a Hyundai tire rotation?


Hyundai tire rotation is about $49.95.


What are Hyundai’s optima tire pressure and tread depth levels?


It is recommended that you refer to the owner’s manual for the ideal air pressure level. Most tires may also have an optimal PSI scale written on the tire sidewall. If the tire depth is around 2/32 inches, it means that your tires need to be replaced.


Does it matter if I have 4WD, AWD, or 2WD?


A very common misconception is that if you have an AWD or 4WD vehicle you don't need winter tires. In winter, what matters most is the traction. A 4WD vehicle will accelerate more quickly in the snow, but when it comes to stopping and cornering it's the same as any other vehicle.


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Your Hyundai Dealer carries the tire brands recommended to meet the high quality standards of your Murray Hyundai White Rock vehicle and provide you with superb performance, comfort, efficiency, and handling - all at a great value.

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Hyundai Tire Maintenance Videos

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