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If you need a new vehicle in the coming months it is a good idea to order now. With the demand for new Hyundai vehicles greater than it has ever been, and paired with the current global microchip shortage, we recommend placing your pre-order as soon as possible. By filling out the form below and clicking "send", one of our Product Specialists will be in contact with you to complete your pre-order, take your deposit over the phone and help answer any questions you may have. Those that place their pre-orders first will be given priority when it comes to delivery.
While pricing for 2023 Hyundai models has not yet been released, and prices are expected to slightly increase, you may want to consider using 2022 model year pricing as a gauge for estimating purposes. If, when pricing is announced, it does not align with your budget, please know that your deposit is one-hundred percent refundable.

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