How To Survive Winter Driving Like A Pro

Like it or not, winter is upon us. Outside of purchasing an AWD vehicle to help you navigate through the winter weather, there are some items that will help making your commute through the ice and snow a little bit easier.

Invest in an ice scraper and snow brush. After all, there is nothing worse than coming out to your vehicle after a workday only to find that the vehicle is now covered in a sheet of ice. Keeping an ice scraper and snow brush in yoru vehicle will not only prepare you for an unpredictable.

Having a blanket is a nice accessory to have in the event that you are ever stranded in a vehicle and need some additional comfort and warmth. Having a Hyundai vehicle with heated seats and steering wheel is also nice!

Salt or Kitty Litter. No one wants to get stuck in the snow. Having a shovel on hand will certainly assist but so can salt and kitty litter. This will provide the traction you need in order to help you get out of those slippery situations.

First Aid Kit / Flares. These are items that you hopefully will never need but having them on hand, even outside of the winter months, can help tend to any injuries and provide awareness if you are in need of help. Hyundai's Bluelink also provides you with the ability to connect to emergency services as needed no matter where you may be located.

Jumper Cables. I think it goes without saying that having jumper cables in your vehicle just makes sense. The cold weather can certainly prevent your vehicle from turning over in the worst of weather.

Sunglasses. Although this isn't something many people would consider when creating a list of "must haves" when hitting the road during the winter months, but if you've ever driven outside on a beautiful snow covered day you know how bright that can be and how difficult it can be to see.

Wiper Blades and Winter Tires. There are a lot of items you can place in your vehicle to ensure your safety but let's not forget aboutr what you can put on your vehicle as well! Winter tires and good wiper blades could mean the difference between a pleasant winter drive and one that could cause you to slip and slide your way to your destination.

The team here at Murray Hyundai White Rock is always willing to assist in making sure that your vehicle has been properly winterized and answer any questions you may have to hit the road safely in the ice and snow. Feel free to visit us in person or give us a call anytime!